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  • Artist Promotion

    Take advantage of our viral promotion service for an effective and results driven full length marketing campaign. Make an impact like a star!

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  • E-Blast Marketing

    We effectively distribute your content to our extensive mailinglist of DJs, media outlets, labels, sponsors, investors, consumers and more!

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  • Mixtape Hype

    Take advantage of our premium mixtape promotion service including all essential features for a professional campaign with major results!

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  • Electronic Press Kit

    Look like a professional and leave lasting impression when contacting media outlets, DJs, labels, sponsors, investors and more!

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  • Track Buzz

    We effectively distribute your music to our mailinglist of 1,25 million subscribers of DJs, media outlets, labels, sponsors, investors, consumers and more!

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  • LiveMixtapes Boost

    We promote your mixtape release with guaranteed results on LiveMixtapes.com and bring real music fans and industry professionals to you!

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  • Splash Page

    Get a customized, interactive, and animated Splash Page to promote your single, album, mixtape, event or product in the most professional way to potential buyers!

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  • Video Intro

    Get an animated and cinematic Video Intro customized to your individual needs and look like a superstar now!

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  • Cover Design

    Our designed covers turn your project into a follower magnet! We will portray your personality and your idea and bring it to life with colour!

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  • Press Release Writing

    Our skilled and experienced writers will draft a personalized and industry standard press release for you to make you look like a star!

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Toronto Rap Trio Vanauley Stacks, Rolexx Homi & Mr. Comfortable Hit Hard With "Halal Meat"
Provided Service: Design/Promotion

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Toronto, Canada recording artists Vanauley Stacks, Rolexx Homi and Mr. Comfortable have seen their fair share of drama, heartache and uphill battles. The drama these three youngins experienced would be enough to cause anyone to lose their mind but instead, the buzzing rap trio is looking to make an impact.

Most recently, the three rap renegades unveiled the street-related music video for their critically acclaimed single "Halal Meat". The aspiring rap collective gives an inside look at the streets of Toronto. With plenty of Hennessy and Moet on hand, Vanauley Stacks, Rolexx Homi and Mr. Comfortable trap the hell out over the banging street ode. The song is being well received by DJs from around the country and beyond.

The Canada rap trio is what the music industry has been missing since years. Offering originality, longevity, and creativity, Vanauley Stacks, Rolexx Homi and Mr. Comfortable are more than music from the beginning to the end. With a growing fanbase, the three rappers tore like a hurricane from coast to coast, leaving a lasting impression everywhere.

With the confidence, determination, and talent that Vanauley Stacks, Rolexx Homi and Mr. Comfortable bring to the table, there is no doubt that we'll all be staying tuned!